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Website Design and Development Solutions for All Needs

Website Development

Regardless of what stage in your site development you are currently at, AppKong can help you reach the finish line. If you are starting from scratch, retain AppKong for turn-key services to have a completely finished site in no time! Or if you already have a site that just needs some refreshing, AppKong can pick up where your last developers left off and make your requested improvements.

Web Portals Development

In addition to developing normal sites, AppKong is also highly skilled at developing portals. Regardless of your industry, portals can make life easier for both you and your site users by putting related information and tools in one easy-to-access location. And it can help increase your site security and optimize your data collection. Portals are not just for huge institutions but can advantage businesses of any size.

E-commerce Development

E-commerce sites have a lot of needs that traditional company sites, personal blogs, and portals do not. AppKong can help you navigate the additional complications that opening and managing an e-Commerce site can bring on. You can trust AppKong to know how to handle heightened security requirements, accelerate loading times, and implement all of the required ordering, returning, and exchange functions.

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Anyone can do website design, but not everyone can do it well. These days, there are so many websites that let laypeople create their own sites. Savvy business owners will think that this is helping them save money. However, having a good digital presence is one of the most important assets a business can have in today’s competitive environment. If your competitors are paying for website development and you are not, then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

By hiring AppKong to work on your company site and other digital platforms, you can put yourself in the best position to rise against the competition. Our staff members have been practicing website design in the industry for years. They know all the tips and tricks for maximizing your traffic and minimizing your problems.

It does not matter which stage in company development you are currently at. Our website development company can pick up where you left off if you are in the middle of construction. Or, if you are already finished and just need some editing, we can handle that too. AppKong can take your design to the next level.

Many competitive edges make AppKong stand out in the website development industry. First and foremost, our staff members have all been recruited from practicing in the industry. They are up-to-date in the latest and greatest tech. In addition to being website development experts, they also greatly value communication. You will be as involved or uninvolved in your own design as you want to be. And, our staff members can provide you with flexible packages that

Development Process

Frontend Design

Frontend includes skills such as HTML and JavaScript. It is called frontend because it is what users see on the “front end.” It includes everything from pagespeed to making a platform more mobile-friendly. Furthermore, it is usually the most important part of development. Therefore, if there is anything you want to have a professional do, it’s going to be frontend work. Fortunately for you, our website development company specializes in this!

SEO Friendly Website Development

Search engine optimization, colloquially known as SEO, is a method for getting your website to appear high up in user searches—perhaps on Google or Bing. SEO-friendly cust web design is not something that can be guessed. Rather, there is a specific science to it that AppKong has mastered. Our website development company knows what design elements, keywords, and features to include on your site to ensure that it gets ranked high. An optimized page will also get users to stay on your site longer, which will lead to increased revenue for you.

Backend Development

If you are not familiar with back-end development, it is basically the high-tech part of this construction process. It’s the step that contains confusing coding—the magic behind the curtain. If this part of your website development is done poorly, it will not just harm your page’s performance. It will also make it more laborious to improve your website. If the back-end is bad from the start, then it will cost more to fix, as the design will have to be completely redone instead of just improved.

Performance and Security Testing

There are many infamous hackings that, at best, damage companies’ reputations, and at worst, cost them millions of dollars. The club of hacked entities is one you do not want to join. Fortunately, retaining professional website development services can protect you from this fate. AppKong can design your website in a way that will increase your security. We can also run checks regularly to screen for any potential weaknesses or breaches.

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You can try your hand at DIY website design. However, while you are working slowly and inefficiently on your own page, your competitors are sitting back while experienced professionals build their sites. Even if you consider yourself a pro at website development, it’s likely true that your skills, time, and energy will be better put to use elsewhere. So let AppKong take care of what we are experts at and stick to your areas of expertise.

Many people think that hiring a pro website development agency will cost them money. However, having a well-crafted website can actually end up saving you money down the road or even making you some. Indeed, quality website creations are not free. However, if your page is good, people are going to visit it more and linger on it longer.

While people are on your page, they are going to engage with it more. If you make money through sales, users will be more likely to buy. Or, if you make money through advertising revenue, more ads will be seen, especially if your page is SEO-friendly and ranked well. This can increase your viewership tenfold. All of these things make hiring a website development agency worth it.

And, why would you hire a random professional when you could get the best in the business at an affordable rate? Give us a chance to build or improve your custom website. If you don’t like what we do for you, then it can all be undone. However, we are fairly certain that once you see what we can do for your website design, you will keep us on for all of your digital projects.

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Alex White, USA

“AppKong delivered the project on time, meeting the client's requirements. The team communicated via Slack and used YouTrack for task management. The client was happy that they found AppKong team, which helped them turn their vision into reality.”

Julia Kovalenko, Ukraine
“Harmony Dental Clinic”

“The company appreciates the contributions that the AppKong team made to the project as they did not have the resources or the knowledge to do it by themselves. The team's development process was organized in a way that even people who weren't familiar with it were comfortable going through it.”

Evgeniy Shafirov, Ukraine
“3BCafe Group”

“AppKong promptly delivered the website with quality and intuitive design, which satisfied the client. The team provided project reports regularly and quickly addressed all the client's disputes, questions, and concerns. Overall, their remarkable assets were professionalism, speed, support.”

Serhii Volokonskyi, USA

“AppKong successfully delivered the web solution on time, meeting the client's expectations. Professional and reliable, they communicated effectively and regularly provided reports and updates throughout the engagement. Their transparency and client-centric approach were the team's highlights.”

Website Creation As a Part of Digital Marketing Strategy

There is a reason not everyone is a custom website design specialist. The craft takes years of experience even to become half-decent, let alone perfect. You could spend hours and hours creating a mediocre page that gets the job done. Or, you could hire AppKong to build you a custom website that exceeds your expectations and improves your business by leaps and bounds.

Let us improve your pagespeed by tweaking your back-end code. Or, let us make your page mobile-friendly for mobile devices. We can even make it so that it is compatible with different types of devices. Plus, you will get to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be during the website design process. If you have a precise vision about what your page should look like, you can communicate that to us, and we can create your vision. Or, if you want custom website design done but have no idea what you want the end result to look like, AppKong can curate the whole aesthetic for you.

Website development companies are not a dime a dozen. It is hard to find one that actually knows what they are doing. AppKong is an expert in both back and frontend design. You can trust them to help your dreams come to fruition. Website design professionals don’t only increase your bottom line. They can even help your in-house efficiency if you and your team frequent your own page. With all of these pros that come with hiring our website development agency, why wouldn’t you?

These days, almost every company or individual enterprise needs to exist digitally as well as physically — otherwise, it will have a hard time attracting and maintaining the business. Having a website and an app to match it does not have to be limited to the label of a necessary expense though. Having an amazing website can be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy if it is created properly and contains the necessary elements. 

If you intend to integrate your creation into your marketing strategy, there are some things you should be aware of. First, it is important that your site follows the brand guide of your company. This means it should use all of the same fonts, colors, and overall theme of your brand. Additionally, all of your company’s information should be listed on your site. And your site should list contact information that enables its users to get in touch with you, strengthening your relationship with them. 

Additionally, your site should be cultivated by a search engine optimization (SEO) expert. These specialists can improve your site’s rankings in search engine results, such as Google and Bing. This way, your site can reach more people who are searching for the goods and services that you provide. Lastly, your physical and digital spaces can contain discounts and rewards that encourage users to visit the other space if they are accustomed to using one in particular. This will help your volume grow.


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