Why you should use wordpress_ all the advantages of the platform

Why You Should Use WordPress: All the Advantages of the Platform

If you are a website owner or planning to own one, you have probably had several people within your circle recommending WordPress. These recommendations are made from personal experiences, and some have tried other platforms and got frustrated by their inconvenience.

Before choosing a provider, you will want to know what’s in for you and whether they align with your goals. You’d be surprised with what WordPress can do, and the reasons website owners and developers do not hesitate to consider it. Let’s dig a little to learn more.

Why is WordPress so Popular?

We cannot give a single answer to why WordPress is so popular among website owners. But, the platform seems to understand its clients perfectly. Using WordPress as your website is not determined by the size of your online audience since the service provider caters to both startups and large businesses.

Since its creation in 2003, the platform has continued growing and gaining popularity, thanks to its increasing features. But the main reason? It provides a multipurpose content management system (CRM) to its users.

It means you can access lots of themes and plugins that different types of entities can use in one place.

According to statistics, WordPress is the most preferred CRM, when 43% of website users opt for CRM. This is an increase from 39.5% in 2021 and 35% in 2020. Of all the brands offering CRMs, WordPress has a leading market share of 65.2%. If the numbers are rising with such a significant percentage, then the platform must be delivering outstanding results to its users!

Why Choose WordPress Over Competitors?

There are many reasons to use WordPress over competitors. Firstly, you can use any of the platform’s plugins to convert your website into anything you want. For example, if you are interested in creating an e-commerce website, you have WooCommerce, which has approximately 28.19% usage by online store owners.

If you want to use your site for blogging solely, you can use themes and plugins that can help you create engaging content and reach a broad audience. Unlike other competitors who have limited plugins, WordPress has approximately 59,800 free plugins. So, there is literally no limit to what you can do with your site.

Benefits of WordPress

So, is WordPress good for websites? Yes. Many reasons make this platform preferable for website building. Let us look at some of them:

It is Flexible and Adaptable

Who doesn’t want to be in a place where they don’t feel free? Whether you are starting a blog or a business, it will grow with time. You will obviously need room for expansion. Retailers who operate physical stores always move to bigger spaces that can accommodate their stock.

When dealing with online growth, you also need room. So, why use website for business website? Because you get the flexibility to customise it to your needs. For example, some themes provided on the platform work better in some niches than others. It means your potential customers can relate to what you are offering them, and your conversion rates can improve.

With WordPress, you can adjust your website as you grow to accommodate your operations. Another thing worth noting is you are not limited to how much traffic you can bring to your site. This makes the platform a real growth partner.

User-Friendly Functionality

From setting up to using a website on WordPress, the process is easy. Technical skills are not a must-have to be able to use this platform.

After your site is ready, you can post and edit the content to appear as you want. With this platform, what you see on your dashboard is what actually shows on your live content. This gives you confidence about what you will post instead of waiting to view it when it goes live.

Also, you have an option to schedule your posts if you do not want to publish them at that moment. What’s interesting is you can share your content across different mediums. So, when you post on this platform, your content will be viewed across all other connected mediums.

Variety of Themes

WordPress has thousands of themes that allow you to choose one that is practical to your needs. These themes respond to load time, features, appearance, and others. Anyone can use these themes to create a professional-looking website within a short period.

Whether you are looking for a simple website to showcase your portfolio or a complex one with premium features for your business, this platform is an excellent choice. Once you have gone live, you can manage your site without professional assistance. Such assistance only becomes necessary when you want to add features to your site.

Functional Plugins

So, why use WordPress for business websites? Because it has a huge repository of plugins to choose from. These can either be free or paid. Although the free plugins get the work done, investing in premium plugins is worth your consideration.

From contact forms to page builders, WordPress plugins are developed to help you meet your growth needs. You can choose the best plugin by browsing through the vast repository if you are already the platform’s user.

The repository is regularly expanded, and it can take you a lot of time to identify a convenient plugin if you are new to website development. Instead of wandering through such, consider seeking WordPress development services from professionals to help you choose one.

Adaptability for Mobile Devices

We cannot ignore the change that is taking place in how people are using the website today. Unlike the early days when mobile browsing was not significant, today, people use their mobile devices to get information online. It is because of its convenience as it allows them to move around and do other stuff as they browse.

But then, why choose WordPress? Because this platform has not ignored a single aspect. When it comes to mobile device adaptability, this provider ensures you have it to help you run your blog or business. How? Well, when used on mobile devices, content can be playable. It means such content is not only limited to desktop versions.

Also, when reading content, the font displayed on mobile devices is small enough to fit the screen and be readable at the same time. It means you do not have to keep swiping the pages left and right to view its contents since it will perfectly fit on the device’s screen.

Another feature that makes websites developed on WordPress be mobile-friendly is their touch elements. People use their fingers to touch the control buttons when using mobile devices. These need to be big enough to allow people enough space to touch the correct elements. It is precisely what is provided.

The browsers’ algorithms definitely recognize websites that have focused on adaptability for mobile devices. As a result, they get a boost for their ranking, giving them a competitive advantage.


Search engines have crawlers that affect the visibility of a website. So, when these crawlers discover your website, it gets boosted for its rankings, which is a good thing for your marketing strategy.

WordPress has a 99% rating for Search Engine Optimization friendliness. It has solid UX and coding standards, making page loading relatively fast compared to other brands. When most people are asked why use WordPress to build a website, SEO is definitely one of them.

To enhance their SEO friendliness, the platform offers a massive catalogue of plugins that helps in improving SEO for website pages. With excellent UX standards, you can optimise different types of content such as images, videos, and social media integration.

Built-in Blog Functionality

Most people relate to WordPress as a blogging platform since it was its primary function when it was launched in 2003. With time, the brand has evolved to include many features, leaving competitors way behind and making it stand out.

The platform provides both simplicity and complexity in a website to match each user’s demands. For example, you can choose a simple site whose maintenance is done by creating regular blogs. Alternatively, you can create a complex website for creating course works, creating e-books, or even a business magazine.

It is said to have built-in blog functionality since you can have several admins whose content is published under their names. Here, you will not need a coder to help you publish whatever you want. This function is important since you are solely responsible for the punctuality and frequency of posting content.

It is also worth noting that blogs created using this website are easy to host. We have realised that most hosting companies provide an easy process for hosting websites developed on this brand.

Supportive Community

Everyone needs guidance on their first trial or when building something. It does not matter whether you are experienced or not since you also reach a level where you are not experienced during growth. You get a lot of support from a fantastic community of other users.

You can visit a WordPress support forum where you will find lots of questions and answers from actual users. There are literally answers to almost all problems – from newbie to expert level. If you find a struggling user with a problem you had experienced before and has a solution to it, you can share it with them.

Is there a specified time for when to use WordPress? No. The support forum is available 24/7. You can browse through this space whenever you feel stuck to find a solution. If you don’t find what you want, you can choose to speak to the platform’s support team.

WordPress is your best stop if you are looking for a reliable platform for your website development. You can build the website yourself since no coding expertise is required. And if you are looking for a website with advanced features, you can talk to Appkong to get the best layout for your business needs.

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