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Do you have a custom Android app development project that you need a brave and talented coder to take on? Look no further—meet AppKong!

Let Us Introduce You to Our Android Mobile App Development

Android app development is the pain of many programmers’ existence due to its difficulty and the skills required to do it. However, here at AppKong, we live for it! Nearly all of our employees have years of professional training and experience doing this work. Everyone that will be placed on your project will be an expert on the subject.

These days, while it is possible to scrape by, and many people do, without participating in any Android mobile app development, the choice comes at a huge price. There is a massive opportunity cost of only making your content available to Apple adapters. Depending on your sector and size, you could be missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. Especially if your primary customer base is composed of people with an Android!

By being compatible with every type of device made by all potential companies, you best situate yourself to compete with the goliaths that are taking over the internet. AppKong is here to help you put your best foot forward with some of the highest quality Android application development services out there. Because there are a plethora of options you could hire, you may be wondering, why us?

Why us?

There are several advantages that come hand in hand with choosing Android application development software from us. You can expect: 

  • Top-tier customer service; 
  • Skilled employees; and
  • Rapid turnaround time. 

Additionally, all of our employees were also hired from the business world. This means that they all have a deep understanding of search engine optimization, known as SEO. This means that AppKong can help you appear further up in the search results of customers who may want to download what you have to offer. We will get you results in no time. 

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Benefits of Our Android Development Services

In addition to the above reasons, there are plenty of aspects for you to ponder when deciding whether you would like to hire us for your Android app development. First, our prices are amongst the fairest out there, despite our workers’ high skill levels.

Second, you can be as involved or uninvolved as you would like to be in the process. Perhaps you know how to create a ‘Roid program’, but simply do not have the time to do it yourself because you have a lot of other things going on. You can communicate exactly what you were looking for to the team that gets assigned to your project and maintain a hands-on relationship with the project. Alternatively, we also offer turnkey results where you can tell your team, “Hey, build me something that works,” and they’ll present you with custom Android app development that is ready to go live.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, after partnering with AppKong, you will receive a dedicated small team that exclusively works on your needs. This means that you will be able to build a tight relationship with the individuals that are doing your Android app development. As more time passes, your team will become familiar with your unique needs and brand, making for a higher-quality end product.

With all of these great reasons to choose AppKong, we doubt you need any more. Yet, we still have so much to offer you! Our staff can just keep on giving.

Android application development services are relatively new. Heck, the platform has only been around for a few decades—there are some millennials who saw its birth! Some of our employees have been learning the platform and even helping it progress since it was invented. You can be sure that if you hire AppKong, you will only be getting the best of the best. Every individual on your team will have the know-how to do the entire project themselves. We only assign multiple people to a team for efficiency.

We know, we know, you can’t trust everything that you see on the internet, our claims included. That is why we do not just merely tell you that we rock—we can show you too. We have the receipts to prove it. Look at any of our customer testimonials. When someone pays us for Android and web development, we deliver a top-notch product. You can trust that the end result will contain the info it’s supposed to, load fast, and exist glitch-free so as to create a glassy user experience.

Most custom Android app developers out there are not honest about what they are going to end up charging you. Many of them will sweet-talk you, convincing you that you will pay an amount that is within your budget. Then, when the project is completed and it’s time to charge your card, they will tell you that it took more time than it was supposed to, or required special work, adding hundreds and thousands to the final price. Here, you will agree to a rate upfront and will not be charged more.

Have you ever seen the words ‘flexible’ and ‘contact’ in the same sentence? We know it is hard to believe, but AppKong is actually willing to work with you if the contract you sign at the beginning of your relationship with us no longer works for you. The digital universe moves fast, and if you need a long-term project performed, things are inevitably going to change. All you need to do is update AppKong on the changes you need to make to your agreement. As long as they are within reason, AppKong can grant your every desire. Therefore, keep in touch with the team throughout the execution of the contract and update them on any possible changes.


Proven Android Application Development Experience

When you reach out to us with an assignment, you will not need to take what we say at face value. AppKong will have several examples of previous work to show you what we are capable of. In addition to proving how talented our employees are, it may also give you some great designs for your own project! All of our customers’ projects have unique designs, branding, and functionality. They are like snowflakes in that while at their core they are all built on the same platform, none of them look alike.

If it is possible, then our skilled employees will be able to do it for you. Everyone employed at AppKong has the capacity to construct an incredible application capable of taking your business to the next level.


The process starts with planning, which is followed by designing, coding, testing, and maintenance. The team may use the native kit with languages like Kotlin or Java or opt for cross-platform frameworks like React Native. Project requirements must be aligned with the desired functionality, compatibility, budget, and other criteria.

This primarily depends on complexity and location of the team. On average, a product with 5 basic features and static content may cost around $4,000-$10,000. Enterprise-level software may cost from $50,000, and the most sophisticated projects require $300,000 or more. The larger the project, the more resources are required. Offline functionality is generally cheaper.

Every project has two sides — the behind-the-scenes technical foundation supporting its functionality and data storage, and the visual ‘facade’. They are known as back-end and front-end, respectively. Full-stack experts build both the inside and outside elements.

It depends. Professionals consider the level of intricacy overall, including platforms, features, security, costs, etc. For example, Ionic is convenient for hybrid and highly interactive products. Flutter-based apps can run on mobile, desktop, and even embedded devices. The native Android kit is used solely for this platform.

These services are aimed at wider compatibility. Aside from the Android environment, such products can also run on iOS. This allows companies to reduce costs, shorten time to market and reach a broader audience without sacrificing quality. Apps built on Flutter and React Native also support web use and desktop devices (e.g., Mac and Windows).

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Save your class on Android application development software for a rainy day. Instead, hire AppKong and get exactly what you envision in no time! Most entities claim that they are the best in the country at what they do. However, when we say it, we really mean it, and we have evidence to back up that claim. Regardless of what you need, if it’s digitally related, AppKong has you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out today and contact an AppKong representative to see what we can do for you.

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