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Take Your Project To The New Level With Your Own Dedicated Team

Full Involvement

AppKong’s premium dedicated development teams have the resources and education to keep you as included in your development process as you would like to be. If you request updates along every micro-step of the way, we can meet this expectation. Alternatively, if you only want to be alerted in cases of emergencies, we can meet this expectation as well. With AppKong, you wear the pants and decide how business is conducted.

Flexible Model

We know that every business also has unique development needs. That is why our dedicated software development team can work with you on curating a development plan that works for you. You can choose the services that you would like provided, the reasonable timeline you expect progress to be made, and even the prices that fit your budget. AppKong believes that entities of all sizes and needs deserve customized work.

Proven Experience

AppKong hires its employees from a diverse pool of applicants of all levels and niches of experience that help us provide you with the best development work possible. If you don’t believe us, then take a look at any of our raving customer testimonials. And feel free to check out our completed work. Our teams are amongst the best in the entire world for site and app development.

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It’s hard to find good help these days. Usually, when you can hire someone at such a bargain deal, they cannot produce quality work. Or, if someone can perform the work that you need them to do well, then they are overpriced and outside your budget. AppKong can meet both your quality and price needs without forcing you to sacrifice money or success. Our dedicated project teams contain members that are amongst the best in the industry. However, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to utilize our services.

To begin with, our company provides you with numerous fair price structuring plans to choose from. And, we have dedicated software development teams that perform different subgroups of services. So, if you want a team only to focus on one project, such as updating your app, you won’t have to pay for more than that. Alternatively, if you want a team that is going to know how to revamp your entire digital presence, you can get a dedicated development team that contains all the specializations required.

Most firms out there can only help with some project types. It is rare to find a tech entity that is capable of performing virtually everything you could possibly need help with related to your online content. Fortunately for you, AppKong is equipped with dedicated software development team that can do work on all types of platforms, from coding websites to app work, and everything in between. This way, you only need to have one streamlined relationship for your web work.

Benefits of Our Dedicated Development Team Model

Turnkey Development Process

If you’re paying for dedicated software development, then chances are you do not want to be having to do anything yourself. You will be happy to hear that at AppKong, you can be as involved or as uninvolved as you desire to be, because we have already all the processes setted up in our dedicated development team model. If what you are looking for is a turnkey website or app, then that is what you can get—something that is immediately ready for both you and your ample customers and users to interact with.

HR Fully Covered

AppKong doesn’t want you to have to suffer through excessive amounts of housekeeping and human resources while working with us. So, in exchange for you utilizing our services, we take care of HR for you! Your dedicated software development team will work closely with you to make sure that your HR needs are being met. All we ask is that you communicate your expectations with us, and we’ll take it from there.

Transparent Management

Nothing is worse than not being able to get in touch with the people you are paying to work for you. How are you supposed to know whether anything is getting done? If you hire a dedicated development team from AppKong, you will experience nothing short of superior communication. That means not only being able to get in touch with us when you have a question, but also getting regular updates with us about what we are working on and when it will be finished.

Committed Team

If you have an upcoming project that requires a dedicated development team, then you want to make sure that they truly care about seeing through your project. At AppKong, we promise to make sure that if we take on your project, we will not abandon it early. After all, if dedicated software development teams you hire were to drop it somewhere in the middle, then it would be too hard for a different company to pick it up halfway through due to the complicated nature of web work.

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Most people these days have basic computer skills, such as using simple programs like Microsoft Word and even WordPress. You probably have these skills. But, to create an amazing presence, you need dedicated software development team of professionals. All the large companies you will be competing with will have them. If you choose to forgo hiring a development team, then you are missing out on key industry knowledge that is preventing you from reaching your professional goals. At best, you are missing out in raking in some extra cash. At work, it is the reason that you end up going out of business.

Explore around our website to see why our dedicated development teams are amongst the best in the game. They all have private and professional training and know how to operate all the platforms that you will need to have the best web presence possible.

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Alex White, USA

“AppKong delivered the project on time, meeting the client's requirements. The team communicated via Slack and used YouTrack for task management. The client was happy that they found AppKong team, which helped them turn their vision into reality.”

Julia Kovalenko, Ukraine
“Harmony Dental Clinic”

“The company appreciates the contributions that the AppKong team made to the project as they did not have the resources or the knowledge to do it by themselves. The team's development process was organized in a way that even people who weren't familiar with it were comfortable going through it.”

Evgeniy Shafirov, Ukraine
“3BCafe Group”

“AppKong promptly delivered the website with quality and intuitive design, which satisfied the client. The team provided project reports regularly and quickly addressed all the client's disputes, questions, and concerns. Overall, their remarkable assets were professionalism, speed, support.”

Serhii Volokonskyi, USA

“AppKong successfully delivered the web solution on time, meeting the client's expectations. Professional and reliable, they communicated effectively and regularly provided reports and updates throughout the engagement. Their transparency and client-centric approach were the team's highlights.”


Dedicated development teams services include bringing sites or apps to life - creating, supporting, and enhancing them. The scope may range from building simple static pages to sophisticated web-based apps, ecommerce sites, and social networks.

JavaScript is the main programming language for software development. But our dedicated software development team have deep knowlages also in PHP, CSS, SQL and Python.

For our dedicated development team it will take from 3 months to 9 months, depending on complexity.

Just send us your contact info and project detals using contact form on this page, and we will be in touch with you soon!

How Dedicated Team Model Helps to Grow Businesses

AppKong has chosen to employ the dedicated team model within our business because this is the tried, tested, and true way to provide the highest quality of work in the most efficient manner. At AppKong, instead of having a bunch of random people working on your site at any time, we have taken great care to assign diverse staff members to strong internal teams. When we take on your project, you will be assigned a designated team that will become an expert in your business and its site and/or app development needs. This means that throughout the length of your relationship with us, you will always be working with the same people.

Dedicated teams produce the best work because you can form a stronger bond with your developers. And, in turn, learn the best ways to communicate your needs to them and expand upon previous discussions when you meet. The team that will be working for you will also learn how to work smoothly together, speeding up the amount of time it will take for you to have your work done. Plus, while no team member will contain all of the necessary development skills to make your own site alone, together, they will exceed the required expertise. 

The dedicated team model will perform your development in a way that actually helps you to grow your business. This is because factors such as SEO, lucrative data collection, and digital marketing strategies will be able to be incorporated into your site. More people will find out about your business via your site and make purchases on or because of it, increasing your bottom line. 

Do you have work that you need to hire a development team for? Or are you just starting out in the digital world, and wondering if you could potentially benefit from the services that AppKong provides? Contact us today and learn about the different ways in which we can help you succeed.

AppKong provides virtually everything you could possibly need to make your digital presence known to the world. Whether you need help with upgrading your website, creating a new app from scratch, or redoing your entire online presence, we are here to help. Our employees are extremely talented, professional, and tech-savvy. And, thanks to our dedicated team structure, our people will get to know you and your company’s needs well.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out now and figure out what we can do for you!


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