Starting a company and need a website? Seeking to spice up your current online presence? Whatever your web development needs may be, AppKong has you covered.


We have tens of experienced professionals in our staff who have been in the business since the dawn of the internet. (Yep—that long.)

AppKong will be able to work with you to help you achieve your dream website. No longer will you need to fret over operating a slow site, or one filled with broken links. AppKong only produces top-tier work, and it will be under your direction.

Other companies claim that they make custom sites but do not actually give you what they want—they have their own ideas. AppKong genuinely cares about your input and will create what you are conjuring up in your imagination. Not only will your site be aesthetically pleasing, but it will be efficient and fast.











By hiring AppKong to work on your company site and other digital platforms, you can put yourself in the best position to rise against the competition. Our staff members have been practicing website design in the industry for years. They know all the tips and tricks for maximizing your traffic and minimizing your problems.

It does not matter which stage in company development you are currently at. Our website development company can pick up where you left off if you are in the middle of construction. Or, if you are already finished and just need some editing, we can handle that too. AppKong can take your design to the next level.

Many competitive edges make AppKong stand out in the website development industry. First and foremost, our staff members have all been recruited from practicing in the industry. They are up-to-date in the latest and greatest tech. In addition to being website development experts, they also greatly value communication. You will be as involved or uninvolved in your own design as you want to be. And, our staff members can provide you with flexible packages that

In today’s age, most consumers will expect you to have a top-tier app and website, otherwise, they will not trust you as a seller or provider. Unfortunately, having a solid web presence is one of the most important parts of having a company. It can arguably matter more than the actual product you’re selling. If you cannot get your product into your customer’s hands, then they won’t know how great it is!

AppKong will be able to work with you to help you achieve your dream website. No longer will you need to fret over operating a slow site, or one filled with broken links. AppKong only produces top-tier work, and it will be under your direction. Our custom web development services will help you achieve your goals.

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In addition to the above-mentioned perk of WordPress that it required much less expertise to run, there are a few other pros of using WordPress as a platform:

  • More efficient content updates
  • 100% customizable
  • Easy to incorporate a blog
  • Great for SEO statistics
  • Tons of plug-ins available

If you are looking to generate most of your revenue off of ads, then this is another factor that should sway you towards choosing WordPress for your custom website design. Because it is a less complicated site to run, it will be cheaper for you and will be less likely to cut into your ad revenue.


Laravel is indeed more complex. However, complexity can also allow AppKong to get more creative with their custom web development services. Additionally, expect the following pros:

  • Connect with social networks
  • Perfect for processing big e-commerce
  • Easy to update or structurally change
  • Comes with more ways to customize

If you plan on generating revenue via product sales, Laravel is likely a better option for you. In the long run, you will be able to save money on the development and increase your profit margin.

img HTML5 Web Design & Development

HTML5 is a coding language that envelopes the latest and greatest web design and development tools and techniques. Utilizing HTML5 in your development project is a great way to ensure that it will remain:

  • Fast-moving
  • Up-to-date
  • Bug-free and
  • Looking modern

Here at AppKong, all of our website developers are trained in HTML5. So, you can rest assured that whatever we do for your business will meet the top standards in the industry. And, you will not struggle with out-of-date software.

img Enterprise Web Development

Web applications differ from enterprise applications in that they are far more expansive, and stretch over multiple platforms as opposed to a single page or site. Enterprise web development (ERP) is more commonly requested by large clients, although some small businesses may find enterprise web development beneficial to their operations. Its perks include:

  • Greater brand consistency
  • More efficient digital cross-platform changes
  • Ability to reach a broader, diverse audience through effective web solutions

AppKong can help you determine whether ERP is right for you during the initial planning stage of the web application development process.

img Web Development for Small Business

Small businesses may not have as many resources to put toward their online presence as large companies do—however, they have the same needs for a high-quality custom website design! That is why AppKong works hard to provide small businesses with:

  • Flexible plans
  • Within their budgets
  • That comfortably suits their needs

AppKong also enables small business employees to be as present as they would like to in the custom website development process based on their preferences and availability. Whether clients want a turn-key project or to be involved in the steps along the way, AppKong is happy to accommodate.

img Web Applications (B2B, B2C)

These acronyms frequently appear in the business world, and mean the following:

  • B2B: Business to Business
  • B2C: Business to Customer

Depending on whom your company provides services and goods to—other businesses or customers who are everyday people—your website is going to look a lot different. Customers like easy-to-use sites with appealing visuals and other frills. Business accounts, in contrast, prefer to see the cut and dried versions of what your company can offer and what the cost is of securing your goods and services. AppKong will ensure we provide you with custom website design services to make you a site that best suits your needs and gives your business the highest chance of success.

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to planning development for a client. The planning process will be as unique as each client and their company. However, generally, the process begins the same way. Our English-speaking team members will sit down with the client to discern what their vision is for their site development, and divulge a preferred timeline and what their resource pool for the project looks like. Then, AppKong will draw out a personalized plan of custom web development solutions to get the assignment done as efficiently as possible and approve it with the client before beginning.


Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is crucial if you want to sell anything online, be it a product, service, or idea. Major search engines such as Google, Bing, and others scan sites every day and rank them on special scales. These scales consider things such as how frequently your site is updated, how easy it is to read and navigate if it contains helpful information or just spam, and visitor statistics. AppKong will design your website so that search engines rank it high, and show it in search results high up. With the help of custom website development, you’ll attract more business!


AppKong operates utilizing a team-based approach, where different team members will perform the tasks that are within their specialization be it custom website design or development of a custom web application. Depending on which platform you would like your site to be developed using, you will be assigned a team with the most experience. Then, the team will cohesively work full-time until the project is finished and ready for testing and finalization. Our team members speak English and will send you frequent updates about the progress that is being made on your assignment.


Clients’ interactions with AppKong will not be finished upon the handing over of the final draft of custom website design or web application development. AppKong’s testing and finalization process are super interactive. Our clients will have every opportunity to test out their newly developed web presence to see if it is meeting their needs and expectations. Then, AppKong will seek feedback from clients, such as: Were there any bugs? Would you like any buttons added? Was the speed fast enough? Do you like the way the site looks? Is it easy to use? AppKong will not set a project down until our clients are satisfied.


If you are looking for a true site overhaul, then try out AppKong’s full-cycle custom web development program. The full-cycle package includes site development, mobile app development, and full access to our dedicated web developers. You can benefit from this package no matter what development step you are currently stuck in.

You can try your hand at DIY website design. However, while you are working slowly and inefficiently on your own page, your competitors are sitting back while experienced professionals build their sites. Even if you consider yourself a pro at website development, it’s likely true that your skills, time, and energy will be better put to use elsewhere. So let AppKong take care of what we are experts at and stick to your areas of expertise.

Let us improve your pagespeed by tweaking your back-end code. Or, let us make your page mobile-friendly for mobile devices. We can even make it so that it is compatible with different types of devices. Plus, you will get to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be during the website design process. If you have a precise vision about what your page should look like, you can communicate that to us, and we can create your vision. Or, if you want custom website design done but have no idea what you want the end result to look like, AppKong can curate the whole aesthetic for you.

Website development companies are not a dime a dozen. It is hard to find one that actually knows what they are doing. AppKong is an expert in both back and frontend design. You can trust them to help your dreams come to fruition. Website design professionals don’t only increase your bottom line. They can even help your in-house efficiency if you and your team frequent your own page. With all of these pros that come with hiring our website development agency, why wouldn’t you?

If you intend to integrate your creation into your marketing strategy, there are some things you should be aware of. First, it is important that your site follows the brand guide of your company. This means it should use all of the same fonts, colors, and overall theme of your brand. Additionally, all of your company’s information should be listed on your site. And your site should list contact information that enables its users to get in touch with you, strengthening your relationship with them.

AppKong knows everything you’ll need, from the beginning of your project to the end. We will get you there as efficiently as possible, and you will be grateful that you gave us the chance. Plus, thanks to our flexible employees, we will make sure you are getting exactly what you expect. You are promised a custom website development, and you will be handed nothing less when our team finishes with you!

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Custom web development services include bringing sites to life - creating, supporting, and enhancing them. The scope may range from building simple static pages to sophisticated web-based apps, ecommerce sites, and social networks. To distinguish this field of expertise from custom website design, professionals may use the term in reference to coding only.

These professionals create code — the foundation of a site or web-based app — using suitable programming frameworks, languages and technologies. They implement and manage functions by adding or removing features (e.g., menus). Website developers also take care of capacity and performance to ensure your site loads quickly and can handle growing traffic.

Backend creation includes work with the technologies that power web infrastructure. These components, which are always hidden from view, include servers, apps, and databases. They must be created and supported for visual design elements (anything you see on a site or a custom web application) to exist and function properly.

This dimension includes work on all visual elements users can see and use. It is the creation and support of the graphic user interface, from fonts to menus which are crucial in custom website design. Anything you see on a site or app is part of this virtual 'facade', which is supported by the hidden 'server side' elements.

This term denotes the deployment and management of both dimensions - front-end and back-end elements - by the same professional. This requires all-around expertise and proficiency in creating client and server software. Website developers who specialize in building full stacks can design sites and apps from scratch on their own.

None of the popular languages is inherently better, and some of them are used only for the 'server' or 'client' side. For example, SQL (for databases) is not used on its own. Currently, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python are in high demand for custom website development. Professionals consider ease of use, reliability, and performance.

The first step of any web development company is always information gathering. It includes setting measurable goals, defining the purpose, researching the target audience and analyzing the competition. Your team needs a clear vision and plan before it starts work on any technical or visual aspects of your professional custom website.


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Alex White, USA

“AppKong delivered the project on time, meeting the client's requirements. The team communicated via Slack and used YouTrack for task management. The client was happy that they found AppKong team, which helped them turn their vision into reality.”

Julia Kovalenko, Ukraine
“Harmony Dental Clinic”

“The company appreciates the contributions that the AppKong team made to the project as they did not have the resources or the knowledge to do it by themselves. The team's development process was organized in a way that even people who weren't familiar with it were comfortable going through it.”

Evgeniy Shafirov, Ukraine
“3BCafe Group”

“AppKong promptly delivered the website with quality and intuitive design, which satisfied the client. The team provided project reports regularly and quickly addressed all the client's disputes, questions, and concerns. Overall, their remarkable assets were professionalism, speed, support.”

Serhii Volokonskyi, USA

“AppKong successfully delivered the web solution on time, meeting the client's expectations. Professional and reliable, they communicated effectively and regularly provided reports and updates throughout the engagement. Their transparency and client-centric approach were the team's highlights.”

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