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A website is the first place potential customers go when looking for your company, and it needs to be appealing and informative. Reach us to get our professional corporate website design services to be visible to customers.

Amazing Enterprise Website Solutions

Many companies are realizing the importance of having a well-designed, responsive, and comprehensive website. They see value in having an online presence that is interactive and provides valuable information to their customers.
At AppKong, we ensure that companies do not waste any of their time or lose customers. Our custom websites are created in a brilliant way that they can be integrated with essential tools that help a business grow.
We focus on three main systems that summarize a business’ needs. Our professional website developers ensure your website has a flawless customer management system. This way, an enterprise will manage its customers, sales, and marketing in one place.
We are also keen on resource planning. Our website designs for business help in tracking down finances, inventory, and human resources.
You need to know how equipment, tasks, people, and other resources are moving at your company. That is why we develop a great supply management system for your website. Contact us today and get all these solutions at your comfort.

Why us?

We deliver: We are a reputable website design and development agency that is true to its word. We won’t promise you what we can’t deliver. We consider our customers’ happiness our success.
We are affordable: Our corporate website design packages are super friendly. Reach us – we will have a detailed discussion about your enterprise, and we will give you the best package.
We are experienced professionals: Our developers have some of the most competitive skills in the market. Also, they have lots of experience developing websites for enterprises. We are confident in our services, and we have previous clients who can vouch for our skills.

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Benefits of Our Corporate Website Design and Development Services

We are a website design and development agency that cares much about how our customers will benefit from our services. We feel happy when we receive positive testimonials after each project’s completion. Our customers enjoy:

Today, most clients rush to the internet when they want to buy a product or service. They compare different providers before deciding which one to buy from. When you buy our corporate website design services, we help you become visible online. Potential customers learn about your presence, what you sell, and what others say about what you sell.

With our corporate website services, you can reduce expenses while enjoying long-term benefits. A website will work as your 24hrs marketing tool. That is, customers will always find your business whichever time they surf online for goods or services that you sell. It means you do not have to employ a 24hr marketing team. Also, because your business is available 24/7, you have a high potential to increase your sales and attract more quality leads.

When creating a website design for a company, it is crucial to focus on features that standard websites don’t. At AppKong, we build enterprise websites while focusing on User Experience (UX) instead of User Interface (UI).

Clients visit a business site hoping to have the best corporate website design experience. It is what determines if they will buy products and services or not. Our corporate services ensure you get a super responsive website to engage with your potential customers in real-time.


Full-Cycle Turnkey Development Process

Our corporate website development process is accurate and reliable. Because we have used and improved it a lot, we trust our end products. Here is a breakdown of our full-cycle turnkey development process:

  • Data gathering: Our experts collect information about the size of the business, its objectives, and growth plans. All this information is documented to ensure it does not get lost. It is used in determining the website design that will suit the enterprise.
  • Creating a prototype: A sample website is created using data collected to see if it is relevant to the business. If there are flaws, they are corrected at this stage before the actual site is developed.
  • Designing and coding: Developers embark on creating the real website.
  • Testing, reviewing, and launching: Once the site is complete, it is passed through vigorous testing to ensure everything works perfectly. It is the launch for the enterprise to start enjoying its services.

TOP Developers

We are always aiming to maintain our position as one of the best corporate website design service providers. So, we have created a team of top developers to ensure we are consistent with our quality of services. Working with us is a guarantee of working with some of the top skills in the corporate website space.

Our developers have undergone quality training that gives us confidence in their abilities. Also, they have years of hands-on experience, a unique combination that makes them handle tasks incredibly well. Come and see how our developers can help you scale your business with an enterprise website.

Mobile Adaptation

Our website services are aimed at ensuring customers reach business with whichever mobile gadget they are using. It helps businesses maximize their potential sales by reaching a wide audience. People love being at places of convenience. Mobile gadgets are creating this convenience, which is why it is important not to neglect this area.

Our corporate web design professionals test all the websites created to make sure they meet this quality. This step is to ensure that our products are helpful to our clients. With a corporate website adaptable to mobile devices, enterprises can feel and see the value of investing in such services.

SEO-Friendly Optimization

A corporate website design will not help if web crawlers can’t rank it. It means the site will not be visible, and a business will not have traffic to its site. Our corporate website experts are experienced enough to know the importance of website ranking.

So, they work smart while building custom sites for businesses to ensure they are SEO optimized. Our experts use white hat SEO to ensure you will not be penalized for using dirty tricks. That way, you run your business without interruptions.



Proven Experience in Corporate Web Design

If you have had a bad experience with a corporate web design service provider, you know what it means to waste your resources for nothing. It is time to try something new. At AppKong, we provide high-quality services that our clients keep talking about.

Over the years of providing website design and development services, we have perfected our skills. We have worked on our weaknesses and invested in onboarding great talents. Our efforts have been successful since most of the clients we have interacted with have been happy with our work.

Also, we have worked with great brands that we are proud of. Our agency has helped them in creating consistency and reaching more customers than before. We are happy to share our professional website development reviews so that people can understand what it is like working with AppKong. Our portfolio speaks loads, and we are delighted to continue building it.

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We want businesses to thrive without breaking their budgets. The best part is we are always happy to advise you about the best package. If you have a special order, we are flexible enough to give you a special price.
Basically, we have three price packages. These serve businesses depending on their sizes. We think it is a fair model because small businesses have different needs than large ones. Their demands are also few. We are sure our packages are affordable to each business size.

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Are you ready to gain your business maximum exposure by using a responsive website? We are ready to offer you our professional website development services. We are reachable through phone, email, and social media. Our super active support team will be excited to have you.
For instant feedback, a phone call will serve you best. We also respond to emails the earliest we can to make sure we do not inconvenience you. The AppKong team is waiting to engage with you.
Why wait longer? Reach out to us and let us help you create brand consistency and increase your sales revenue with a professional-looking website. We are fun, we are punctual, and we are professional!

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Are you currently working on a big project and in need of digital assistance? Or do you just have a vague conceptual idea that needs to be built from scratch? Either way, reach out to the AppKong team and get a quote today on what you need to do to achieve your professional goals! Whether you are seeking our full-cycle package, or just need help with a smaller piece of your online presence, AppKong has you covered.

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