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There is a lot that goes into e-commerce website development. Here at AppKong, we have done all of the work perfecting the process so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Let Us Be Your E-Commerce Website Development Company

Have you been searching for the right ecommerce website design company to take on a pending job? It can be difficult to make a final hiring decision considering how many different e-commerce website design companies are out there claiming that they’re the best. The difference between AppKnog and most of the other entities in the industry though, is that when we claim to be the best, we mean it. AppKong employees collectively have several decades of experience.

E-commerce is the act of providing purchasing and/or selling abilities electronically, typically via a site online. Many older businesspeople can probably remember a time when this was not even an option. The closest thing to today’s ecommerce development services used to be hiring people to put together a magazine catalog. Today though, the business method is rampant.

Why us?

Since there are so many e-commerce development companies out there, why should you choose ours? Well, in addition to having combined decades of experience, we also provide you with incredible pricing, amazing communication, and high-quality work. Plus, when you hire us, included in your price will be excellent customer service and our unique SEO talents. We can provide you with not only custom ecommerce website development. AppKong will make sure that it meets your goals.

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Benefits of Our E-Commerce Web Development Services

As briefly mentioned above, there are a plethora of benefits that help AppKong stand out amongst the sea of e-commerce developers. To ensure that all of our employees have what it takes to perform their assigned projects, they all must have sufficient training and industry experience to be hired here. Then, after they begin working here, they will be put onto teams that are assigned only a small number of clients at a time, or if you have a large project, then only one client. This team-based company environment will benefit you in several ways.

First, you will only need to maintain communication with a few different people, meaning that it’ll be easy to reach someone who is working on your project. And, you will develop a closer relationship with your ecommerce development services. Who says tech has to be emotionless? Due to the nature of your close relationship, your team will begin to cultivate a deep understanding of your unique business needs and of your brand. As a result, the work you receive will be of even higher quality and tailored to what your business needs to really take off.

We also intentionally hire employees with search engine optimization experience, also known as SEO. It is crucial depending on the e-commerce development done on your page since SEO could help it rank higher when people are searching for what you sell, or could help them sell! Things that affect your ranking may include the amount of time it takes for your pages to load or how crowded your site looks altogether. AppKong has the power to make your developed e-commerce website worth even more than you think!

Have you heard the word turnkey before? Much like a house, turnkey in this context means that once we hand over the URL to your new custom-developed ecommerce website, it will be ready to go! You will not have to worry about doing any more work to it yourself, or hiring anyone else to finish things up.

AppKong has a fast turnaround time and will cause you as little stress as possible via this turnkey system. Our e-commerce development company won’t leave you with a half-finished product in your hands to figure out on your own.

Most people working in the tech sector today can at least construct a basic site. However, e-commerce web design & development is a completely different story. So many hard technical skills go into designing the site so it does not crash frequently, load slowly, oversell to customers, etc. There is a lot that could go wrong when developing an e-commerce website. That is why when we hire employees, we ensure that they have gone through rigorous training. Our employees collectively have multiple decades of experience in e-commerce website development and will not let you down.

Depending on the industry sector that you work for and the number of customers your business must accommodate, your needs are going to be vastly different from our next customer that comes along. At AppKong, we make sure that our staff is fit to accommodate an infinite range of complexity in projects. AppKong pushes the limits of the possible and will help your business reach new heights in the world of ecommerce web development.

Nothing changes more than the corporate universe after you pay an e-commerce web design company. That is precisely why AppKong offers its customers highly flexible contracting arrangements. We understand that your customer base or the rules of your sector may change overnight, rendering something you needed yesterday useless today. When you become a client of AppKong, communicate your changes as they come across you. We will do our best to make them fit into your existing contract—a headache-free guarantee. Do the other companies out there offer that? We don’t think so.


Proven e-commerce Development Experience

It takes years of experience and training to call yourself a master of e-commerce web development. Yet, nearly every single one of our employees is an expert in the subject. Here at AppKong, we do not assign anyone to any project unless they know the craft like the back of their own hand. This results in the highest quality websites on the internet. If you can dream it, our professionals can achieve it.

If you are not happy with your results, you will easily be able to communicate that to your team, as you will be paired with the same developers for the entirety of your project’s life. This allows our experts to best put their skills to use by learning all about your unique needs and brand, including what will help instead of harm it.

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Our Pricing

When you are a customer of AppKong, you will never have to pay insane prices to get quality work that you are proud to show off. Despite the fact that our hard skills are amongst the best out there, so are our prices! We offer flexible sliding scale packages, meaning that you will not have to pay for an entire site construction from scratch if you only need minor edits from our e-commerce website development company. And, we are always transparent about how much your project is going to cost you—no surprises at the end!

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You can give our ecommerce website development company a detailed plan with mock-ups and everything you would like to see on your site, or simply tell them to run free and do what their hearts desire. Either way, you are sure to receive a platform you and your customers will love! And, you will not have to overpay for the custom e-commerce development you receive. So, what are you waiting for?

Reach out and speak to an AppKong customer representative today! We will get back to you before you know it and help you figure out how to achieve all of your professional goals for a price within your budget. If you do not like what we have to say, then there is no commitment to hire us. Your consultation will be 100% risk-free. You only have progress to gain by coming to speak to us.

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Are you currently working on a big project and in need of digital assistance? Or do you just have a vague conceptual idea that needs to be built from scratch? Either way, reach out to the AppKong team and get a quote today on what you need to do to achieve your professional goals! Whether you are seeking our full-cycle package, or just need help with a smaller piece of your online presence, AppKong has you covered.

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