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Looking to hire web developers, but are having a hard time locating reliable and affordable work in the States? Here’s an alternative you likely haven't yet considered: hire Ukrainian developers!

Dedicated Software Developers from Ukraine

Ukraine is an Eastern European country bordering Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Slovakia. Most people do not know this, but Ukraine is actually home to some of the greatest quantities of software developers in all of Europe. What’s more is that not only are they high in quantity, but quality as well. Ukraine ranks in the top 10 internationally for its Information Technology, or, “IT” skills. 

According to a 2017-2018 report, Ukraine is amongst the top 10 fastest-growing technology hubs in the world. On the list, it is ranked four, below Russia, Bulgaria, and Portugal. Pushing this insane growth is an army of talented and reliable Ukrainian developers that are hungry for work. 

The same report indicates that in 2018 alone, Ukraine invested roughly 11 million dollars into its technology boom. Millions were invested in the previous and following years. So, you can rest assured that the country’s tech market will not be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it will be doing quite the opposite. Especially given the recent digital boom. 

Why Choose Ukrainian Developers for Your Project

There are many different reasons to hire dedicated Ukrainian developers for your upcoming projects. One of the biggest ones is that many Ukrainians speak English. While the dominant first languages of most are Ukrainian and Russian, Ukrainians know that speaking English is a major key to accessing the international business world. So, the language is taught to children in many schools, or citizens learn English in other ways, such as in the home and through outside exposure to Western culture. 

Ukraine’s cultural values also make its citizens excellent employees. For example, Ukrainians greatly value relationships, punctuality, and traditional professionalism. Western cultures seek these characteristics in their developers, and can sometimes have a hard time finding them in the new gen-Z and millennial America. 

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IT Outsourcing in Ukraine

Hiring and/or outsourcing to Ukrainian developers has been on the rise for years now for many different reasons. For starters, costs of living in American tech hubs such as Seattle and San Francisco have simply gotten way too high, which has consequently driven up the cost of hiring labor. Furthermore, today’s advanced technology has made international working relationships easier than ever. It has allowed clients to choose employees that are the best at their job regardless of where in the world they live. One place clients have realized is a jackpot for top-quality web development is Ukraine. 

Outsourcing tasks to Ukraine is especially efficient due to the fact that it is six to nine hours ahead of the United States, ranging from the East Coast to the West. There is still daylight crossover where employers and employees can meet. However, employers are also able to give Ukrainians tasks for them to tackle while the employers tend to their personal or professional responsibilities. 

There are also a variety of online platforms that make assigning work and everything that follows hiring overseas easy. For example, email and internet messaging provide for free communication. On the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic is also free video calling. Paypal and other free services allow for the safe electronic transmission of funds. And, there are tons of translation services to assist in the rare case where there is a language barrier between the contractor and Ukrainians they are hiring. 

When you give work to this geographical region, you can expect a few main things in return: 

  • Full-cycle turnkey software development
  • Dedicated and cohesive teams; 
  • Top-tier project planning; 
  • Up to date methodologies; 
  • SEO expertise; 
  • And more! 

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what this all means.

If you have not heard the term full-cycle turkey yet, here is what it means: Ukrainian full-stack developers will, upon request, be able to set you up with a site that is completely ready to go without you having to lift a finger. Just provide the team or individual with the details about what the site is for and a general idea of what you would like it to be used for. Then, your contracted employees will be able to assemble a phenomenal site for you to make live instantly.

You can be as involved or uninvolved as you would like in the process. For example, you can provide your team with all of the text you would like on your site, along with the pages you would like to display the text. Or, you can trust the software development teams to use their own Ukrainian connections to generate SEO-friendly text.

Ukraine has a very group-oriented culture. This means that the country’s citizens pride themselves in their working relationships and operate extremely well in teams. If you prefer to hire a Ukrainian developer that works alone, this will always be an option. However, you may find that it best suits your business to have multiple workers cohesively tackling a project due to time constraints. If this is the case, you will find no shortage of software programmers that have been working well together for years. 

Hiring a team also means that you get a more diverse pool of experience and personalities. And, people can focus on their specialties. For example, most Ukrainian teams will have one teammate who is the best at English and does most of the client-facing work while the other team members focus on their niche of development. 

Ukrainian developers pride themselves on their tight project planning. You may hear Ukrainian-style project planning described as Type A, which means that it is highly detailed and particular. This perfectionism will end up benefiting you greatly. That being said, while you can trust these teams to do a great job with your work, the exact planning methods utilized will greatly depend upon your unique project needs. 

For example, Ukrainian iOS developers will use a different method than those who are creating something for Android or WordPress. The method will also greatly depend on the timeline that you are assigning your work on, and how many people are on the team. When discussing the type of project planning you would like to utilize to meet your goals, feel free to speak directly and with passion to your Ukrainian developers, and they bring your dreams to life. 

As briefly mentioned above, the tech boom taking place in Ukraine is relatively new. As a result, the country’s citizens that are available to hire will be all people trained in the latest and greatest skills and tech. The web development companies in Ukraine that you come across will know more than any of the tech “boomers,” who are likely still coding all of their WordPress websites using java or another ancient code.

Along with the standards being modern in Ukraine, the people who make up these teams are also very young. Thus, they will be energetic and take unique and creative approaches to things that you have likely never even considered before!


Proven Experience in Web Development

Chances are, the majority of people you ask in your field about their experience with hiring Ukrainian software developers will be able to give you helpful input. This is because they have outsourced it to them multiple times! Citizens from Ukraine have proven to the international business community over and over again that the country has some of the finest tech experts in the industry. The quantity of money the country invests in its tech bubble paired with its available workforce and high rankings in technology-based skills all speak for themselves.

Wondering why hire Ukrainian developers as opposed to ones from other nations? The answer should be clear to you by now. There is no better market in the world right now for getting the jobs you want to be done.

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Our prices are super affordable for all types of clients. This is because we believe that even small businesses with tiny budgets deserve to be able to secure software programmers. No matter what your business needs are, we have a payment plan that can match you. It helps that Ukraine does not have the insanely high cost of living that most well-educated American cities do.

We can do both one-time and continuous contracts. If you only have one small project that you want your Ukrainian developers working on, then you can have them work on it, hand it in, and pay upon project completion. Alternatively, if you have a great experience, you can stay in the agreement and have your web development maintained so that it is always in tip-top shape, and pay on a negotiated timeline for the maintenance.

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