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Get yourself an easy-to-navigate website portal from AppKong’s web portal development services. We provide incredible services to help you access your business’ information in real-time.

Get Your Amazing Custom Web Portal

We have a knowledgeable team of website developers that have worked with different customers for more than 10 years. With our services, you can be sure to have a custom web portal created for your business. We are unique and creative; that is why we will never create boring standard websites created by everyone else.
We customize website portals with functionalities and features that suit each business’s needs. Our expertise helps us anticipate the needs of different businesses. We look at the present and future needs so that you do not have to keep seeking website portal development services often as your business grows.
Your customer’s time is important. They do not want to feel like they are wasting it on a website searching for something they are not sure how you have labeled it. For this reason, we create responsive and smart web portals. That is, we include search functionality on your portal so that your customers and the potential ones can easily search from the feature.
Our web portal development service team also ensures your portal has seamless integrations with third parties. It means you can add tools that you feel will help with improving your business without hitches. The integrations also ensure you can include software solutions that are relevant in running your business.

Why Choose Our Web Portal Services

You can choose to work with any web portal development company because there are many. But, here is why you should choose our services:

  • We have an accessible team that will be available to you throughout the development process.
  • We do not rush our projects so we can take in more. Instead, we focus on your work so we can deliver a flawless product to you.
  • Our team of talented developers will handle your project. We do not outsource work because we only want to deliver the best.
  • You will deal with professionals who understand what they are doing. When you work with us, you do not have to worry about missed deadlines or getting substandard work from us.
  • We are reasonable. Although we use a detailed process for developing the portals, we are considerate of our customers. We charge our services within reasonable ranges so that business owners can get the services without hurting their pockets.
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Benefits of Our Web Portal Development Company

Our customers usually have something good to say about our web portal development company. We are a dedicated company whose benefits to those that use our services are as follows:

Our brilliant developers create amazing themes with complementing colors for the portals. These portals are user-friendly and flexible enough to be used in the future as your business grows.

From our experience of serving different customers, we know you have to be informed while doing business. So, we integrate your website portal with different social channels for easier communication with your clients. This way, you will get real-time information as you interact with your customers while answering their questions.

You no longer have to feed and send your marketing campaigns to your audience manually. With our services, we build web portals with functionality to allow automation. So, you send information and other notifications you would like your target audience to receive automatically.

Our web portal development company is keen on the responsiveness of your portal. At this age, we understand users are not limited to using a specific device. So, we ensure it is responsive to PCs and different portable devices customers use to search the internet.

People appreciate businesses where they can raise their concerns and get feedback in real-time. We create functions that allow you to communicate and follow up with your customers. As a result, your relationship with them improves, and you start noticing a positive change in your sales revenue.

When you buy web portal development services, you reduce the costs involved in running your business. Your clients will access the information in a self-service style. They only contact when they are not sure of their purchasing decision. So, you will reduce the administration workforce, which means less spending.


Full-Cycle Turnkey Development Process

We use a brilliant and thoroughly tested process when building a web portal for any business. With this process, we are sure of delivering a great product that will wow our clients. Here is our tested process:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Prototype creation
  • Actual design and coding
  • Testing and reviewing
  • Launching

TOP Developers

Working with us assures you of working with top developers within the industry. We take the onboarding process seriously to ensure we bring the best talents to our team. We desire to deliver quality services to our customers, and that is why we get the best talents that can bring their know-how to work on different projects.

Besides being highly skilled, we also invest in our developers. We believe in continuous learning. So, we regularly upgrade their skills by offering training. Because technology keeps changing, we train them to ensure they have the most recent skills required to create modern web portals.

Mobile Adaptation

We provide services to our customers that are adaptable to the current technology. Today, many people prefer using portable devices that they can use from anywhere. We understand their needs and build what serves them best. That means that the portals we build for different businesses can adapt for use with mobile devices.

We put them through several trials to test their usability to ensure that the web portals are adaptable. Different devices are used to ensure business owners reach wide audiences. If the developed portal has a problem with some devices, we check to see where the problem could be and deal with it before delivering the product.

SEO-Friendly Optimization

SEO is undoubtedly important when it comes to website visibility. However, it has to be well done so that it helps with ranking your business online. Because we care about our customers, we ensure that we implement the best SEO practices when building their portals. We do this to ensure you don’t have to spend extra on SEO services.

We are careful about how we do ours. SEO is sensitive and, when overdone, can lead to being penalized by search engines. So, our team makes sure it is well integrated so that search engines can index your site.

Proven Experience in Web Design

As a web portal development company, we have worked with hundreds of clients. These are people that have been satisfied by our work. Therefore, we are confident that when our previous customers are asked about their experience with us, they have good things to report.
Whether you are looking for mobile applications, web development services, and redesigning your existing site to include new features, we are at your service. Our previous customers include some of the big brands and have been happy enough to refer us to other people.

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Our Pricing

We know pricing is one of the determining factors when it comes to purchasing decisions. To ensure we don’t scare you away, we have a friendly price list. We charge web portal development services in different tiers.
We have four tiers, starting from $2,000, which is our lowest, and $20,000, which is our highest and premium package. We are happy to give you a consultation session for our packages.

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Our professional services are recognized internationally, and we will be happy to be the web portal development company that helps you scale your business. Reach us today so that we can start working on your site.

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