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Web portal Development Solutions for All Needs

Experience in portal development

Don't leave the serious business of developing a web portal to just about anyone. Work with proficient website developers with over 10 years of on-hand experience. We can cater to intricate requirements regarding website development. Our professionals will reduce the complexity, creating portals that allow users and admins to automate various functions with a click of a button. Our depth of experience allows us to anticipate challenges and implement best practices in design across various business categories.

Flexible model

Our web development services are as flexible as they get. We have everything covered: research, UI design, testing, security, third-party integrations, continuous improvement, and more. Customers can even get a custom quote depending on the particulars of the projects, such as required features, platforms, technology stack, third-party integrations, etc. We can build portals for many business needs, from self-service to agent portals.

Custom solutions

Our custom solutions mean that we can build website solutions for a wide host of industries. Do you need a medical portal customized for a health facility? No problem. Looking to develop a portal for insurance website visitors? We can do it without breaking a sweat. Our developers can even incorporate modern technologies such as AI chatbots for a seamless experience. Our custom solutions will also ensure that the portal can seamlessly connect to call third-party services.

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When Your Business Needs a Portal

A customer portal is a critical online tool that gives customers access to information from their online profiles. It can also come with various functions allowing them to manage the service. Customer portals are now becoming critical for many businesses rather than a convenience feature. Some reasons a business may need one include: 

  • To offer better self-service: Is the customer support department dealing with too many repetitive and trivial requests? It may be time to look into developing a customer portal with self-service features. It can have a knowledge base, support articles, videos, tutorials, and up-to-date product documents. The user tool can even host online communities where customers can interact with each other and respond to questions. 
  • To provide a better way of creating and tracking support tickets: The portal may allow customers to initiate tickets and track their resolution. They will be more patient, knowing that their needs are being addressed. It can even maintain a history of past requests, reducing repetitive inquiries. 
  • To distribute updates, documents, files, etc.: The solution can serve as a great communication tool in industries where the business needs to inform the customer of the progress or distribute any policies or official documents. For instance, a car insurance company portal can allow users to download their policy documents. A solution built for a credit repair company can allow customers to track the progress of the filings. 
  • To manage the service: Customers don’t always need to call customer support reps or business managers to perform basic functions such as viewing their account balance, accessing invoices, confirming payments, and more. Put them in the driver’s seat with a custom solution with the required features to help them manage their service. 
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Alex White, USA

“AppKong delivered the project on time, meeting the client's requirements. The team communicated via Slack and used YouTrack for task management. The client was happy that they found AppKong team, which helped them turn their vision into reality.”

Julia Kovalenko, Ukraine
“Harmony Dental Clinic”

“The company appreciates the contributions that the AppKong team made to the project as they did not have the resources or the knowledge to do it by themselves. The team's development process was organized in a way that even people who weren't familiar with it were comfortable going through it.”

Evgeniy Shafirov, Ukraine
“3BCafe Group”

“AppKong promptly delivered the website with quality and intuitive design, which satisfied the client. The team provided project reports regularly and quickly addressed all the client's disputes, questions, and concerns. Overall, their remarkable assets were professionalism, speed, support.”

Serhii Volokonskyi, USA

“AppKong successfully delivered the web solution on time, meeting the client's expectations. Professional and reliable, they communicated effectively and regularly provided reports and updates throughout the engagement. Their transparency and client-centric approach were the team's highlights.”


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