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Let AppKong be the only friends you need for mobile app development. Whether you already have an application or you are starting completely from scratch, AppKong is here for you. If what you’re about to read impresses you, then consider hiring us for more than just your application tasks.


You need a progressive and well-rounded app development company, and here’s why. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. If you don’t have one, you’ll have a hard time thriving in its market. Not only do most businesses need mobile apps these days, but they must be simple to use, meet a variety of customer needs, and load quickly. If you have a sub-par application, you may as well not have one at all.

AppKong has been in this business for a while and knows exactly what your company needs to find success in its market niche. To help you achieve it, AppKong provides cross-platform development strategies to put you in the best position to conquer your competition and maintain a strong name for yourself.

In addition to cultivating applications that are compatible with different devices, AppKong also makes sure to always work as efficiently and cleanly as possible. This means that the tasks they perform can be easily digested and used by other mobile application development providers and your in-house tech team. Because of this, you will never have to scrap what AppKong does for you if you want to solicit the services of someone else.


There are so many reasons why AppKong can help put you in front of the competition. AppKong:

  • Makes apps for a variety of devices;
  • Only produces clean-code that is easily built upon;
  • Carries out respected mobile app development;
  • Provides customers with full-cycle online presence packages;
  • Will help you turn your vision into reality.

Additionally, when you’re a customer at AppKong, you get to choose your own level of involvement. You can be super hands-on or completely uninvolved in your mobile app development. You will get all of your needs met, and more for competitive prices.

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If you are trying to find progressive web app developers that can help you streamline your online presence and grow your success, consider your search over. You have found one entity that can perform all of your desired services. When it comes to the development services that we provide, there is almost no limit. Some things we can do for you include:

  • Build an application from ground zero;
  • Increase the speed of an existing solution;
  • Add, delete, combine, and edit pages;
  • Create ways for you to update online information in one swoop;
  • Automate customer check-outs;
  • Provide you with a continuous stream of useful data about your market.

If you already have an app that works with Apple, but have not yet expanded, we can make it cross-platform for you in no time, and accessible from a wide variety of devices such as Windows tablets and iPads. And, we can work with the timeframe that you give us to perform tasks. Pros like ours are rare due to the extensive training that the skill takes.

Plus, if you like what AppKong can do for your application presence, then you’ll be happy to hear that we offer much more. We provide packages that enable you to hire us for all of your digital presence needs. This way, you can keep your online persona consistent and high-quality. But, more on this later. For now, explore the variety of ways that we can do your mobile application developing. If you like what you’ve heard so far, then you’re going to love what is to come.

If you do not have experience in the web app business, then the term “frontend” may sound foreign to you. Essentially, what AppKong can do for you utilizing frontend design is make sure that all the coding and work that goes into your application is structured in a way that is easy to build on or tweak. Hiring a company that specializes in frontend design will save you money later; essentially, it will require fewer billable hours and skills to do work on your app in the future.

By now, just about everyone in America has chosen which side they would like to remain loyal to — either the iOS or Android community. These two entities both have huge customers bases with lots of different device types, ranging from smartwatches to tablets and phones. Thus, it must be compatible with everything on the market. If not, you could be missing out on a lot of business or making your current users pull out their hair. Our mobile app development services involve creating the best apps that please users of all kinds of platforms.

The genesis of corporate tech presence has dominated America in only a few decades. And, technological progression reaches new milestones faster and faster as time goes on. That is why we strive to keep our teams trained in the latest strategies, skills, and tools. AppKong is always one step ahead of the other options on the market, and it shows. Trust that when you hire us, you’re hiring the best and most progressive in the business.

Right after ease of use, the next two most important characteristics of a bona fide application are its efficiency of performance and its security. Human patience is short-lived. If customers are searching or clicking buttons on your app and the pages are not responding, they will close it and never open it again. Likewise, if they have their information stolen while using your app, you can also say goodbye to their business. By hiring us, shield your users from frustrating and violating experiences.



There is a reason not everyone is a custom website design specialist. The craft takes years of experience even to become half-decent, let alone perfect. You could spend hours and hours creating a mediocre page that gets the job done. Or, you could hire AppKong to build you a custom website that exceeds your expectations and improves your business by leaps and bounds.

Let us improve your pagespeed by tweaking your back-end code. Or, let us make your page mobile-friendly for mobile devices. We can even make it so that it is compatible with different types of devices. Plus, you will get to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be during the website design process. If you have a precise vision about what your page should look like, you can communicate that to us, and we can create your vision. Or, if you want custom website design done but have no idea what you want the end result to look like, AppKong can curate the whole aesthetic for you.

Website development companies are not a dime a dozen. It is hard to find one that actually knows what they are doing. AppKong is an expert in both back and frontend design. You can trust them to help your dreams come to fruition. Website design professionals don’t only increase your bottom line. They can even help your in-house efficiency if you and your team frequent your own page. With all of these pros that come with hiring our website development agency, why wouldn’t you?


Putting together a successful application for smartphones and tablets is a complex endeavor requiring suitable hardware and software. It includes work on the mobile user interface and back-end considering different configurations, screen sizes, and platforms. The key stages are planning, creating, coding, testing, and maintenance.

Estimates vary dramatically depending on the desired functionality, platforms, and hourly rates. A product with relatively simple features may cost around $20,000 to devise and build, while a highly advanced project with intricate functionality may require $300,000 or more. Outsourcing lets companies save money, as they do not need to hire staff.

These are all-in-one services provided by one team — building the infrastructure and aesthetic elements. Mobile back-end is like the foundation for a building — it allows apps to function in line with their business logic, store data and protect it. All visual elements constitute the front-end. Full-stack developers work on both of these fronts.

No popular framework is best by default. Professionals consider a mix of criteria to choose between React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and other options. Different frameworks support different mobile OS and aspects of user experience. Speed, security, efficiency, and post-launch updates also matter.

This type of services let companies produce universal applications that run on two or more OS. This strategy saves time and money, as all versions share the same codebase. For example, an app may have versions for both iOS and Android. Frameworks like Flutter expand compatibility to web, desktop, and embedded devices.

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You can try your hand at DIY website design. However, while you are working slowly and inefficiently on your own page, your competitors are sitting back while experienced professionals build their sites. Even if you consider yourself a pro at website development, it’s likely true that your skills, time, and energy will be better put to use elsewhere. So let AppKong take care of what we are experts at and stick to your areas of expertise.

Many people think that hiring a pro website development agency will cost them money. However, having a well-crafted website can actually end up saving you money down the road or even making you some. Indeed, quality website creations are not free. However, if your page is good, people are going to visit it more and linger on it longer.

While people are on your page, they are going to engage with it more. If you make money through sales, users will be more likely to buy. Or, if you make money through advertising revenue, more ads will be seen, especially if your page is SEO-friendly and ranked well. This can increase your viewership tenfold. All of these things make hiring a website development agency worth it.

And, why would you hire a random professional when you could get the best in the business at an affordable rate? Give us a chance to build or improve your custom website. If you don’t like what we do for you, then it can all be undone. However, we are fairly certain that once you see what we can do for your website design, you will keep us on for all of your digital projects.

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