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With so many iOS app development companies out there, it can be difficult to find the right fit for your business. We’re confident that AppKong should be your top choice!

Let Us Introduce You to Our iOS App Development Services

AppKong is an entity with a diverse array of talents. Amongst the plethora of services that we provide, you will be happy to find iOS development services. The platform and system have only been around since 2007. Most of you will remember when it first hit the electronic shelves! When it came out, nobody was expecting it to blow up as much as it did. Now though, your business is pretty much sure to fail if you do not have a corresponding mobile application.

Because it is relatively new, there are no professionals that have been doing iPhone application development services their entire lives. Usually, they have only been doing it for a small percentage of their career. This may initially seem like a disadvantage. However, it is actually a great thing for tech specialists! The best programmers have been around to watch the entire development of iOS and know it inside and out. You will be pleasantly surprised that the IT teams from AppKong are amongst this segment of people.

Why us?

All of the employees hired at AppKong are required to meet stringent requirements, including but not limited to having specializations in iOS app development services. They all must single-handedly know how to construct an application from scratch without any assistance from others. As a result, when you hire AppKong, you will be assigned a team of employees with the best skills in the industry. Together, they will help you turn your dreams into reality, and your business will benefit immensely.

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Benefits of Our iOS Development Services

There are tons of pros to hiring a company that is known for its iOS app development services. At AppKong, we take pride in being well-rounded and knowing everything there is to know about crafting applications. Here, we will take on your case no matter how challenging you may anticipate your process being. If it’s technologically feasible using the platform, rest assured that we will find a way to make it happen for you.

Additionally, here at our iOS app development company, you will not be working with 100 different people throughout the lifespan of your project. Instead, we put together teams based on your unique needs. Once you are assigned a team, you will work with the same people until your project is finished. This means that over time, you will become comfortable with your partners, and they will develop a deep understanding of your business model and brand identity. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that the product you are getting for your money is actually worth the resources, time, and effort.

Speaking of money, usually, you have to cough up an arm and a leg to hire a quality iOS app development company. That will not be the case with AppKong though. We offer flexible pricing packages to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. If you only need minor editing to an application that already exists, for example, you will only have to pay for that work. You won’t need to pay for an entire team to take on a project like you would at other agencies.

Expect nothing but the very best communication when you are a client receiving our iOS app development services. This is another benefit of you getting assigned a dedicated team to exclusively work with. You will be able to reach your team within reasonable hours, and they will respond to you in a timely manner. Additionally, you can count on your team communicating with you about important things, and keep you updated in general about the status of your project.

When you hire our iOS application development services, you are signing up to receive assistance from highly talented and motivated individuals. If your business has been around long enough, you are likely familiar with how long a contracted team can stretch out work and assignments. At AppKong, our employees will always treat your projects with urgency and not waste your precious time.

AppKong strives to make sure we are 100% transparent about our pricing and cost to you. As already briefly discussed, we offer flexible pricing plans where you only need to pay for what you actually get. Additionally, you will know upfront what you will end up owing for the iOS development services. Other entities may try and scam you by giving you an hourly price and then charging you months later with a bill way higher than you anticipated. That won’t happen at AppKong!

We know that your business’s requirements are continuously evolving based on the ebb and flow of the economic world. That is why we will not trap you in a contract that is no longer serving your needs. Here at AppKong, we will work hard to ensure that you are always benefiting from the work that we do for you. If you would like to alter your contract in a way that would provide a greater benefit for you, just let us know! Our iOS application development services contracts are flexible. Make sure to inform the team, and we will work with the updated information.


Proven iOS App Development Experience

AppKong hires the best in the business. Everybody that works here has had educational training and then hands-on experience in the tech world. They need to pass certain qualification tests in order to get a job here. That means that you can trust you will be getting the top technology gurus when you retain iPhone application development services from AppKong.


Programmers may use Swift (iOS-specific), generic alternatives like C# or cross-platform frameworks like Flutter. The choice depends on the desired features, compatibility, and speed of deployment. For example, while Swift speeds up the process, it will not allow you to make versions for other OS or the web, unlike cross-platform systems.

Using this type of IT services, businesses can acquire a presence on several platforms. For example, products based on React Native or Flutter can also work on Android, web, and desktop devices. Essentially, you can launch several products using just one codebase. This accelerates work, reduces expenses, and ensures smooth execution.

Specific hardware and software. Professionals use Mac devices with Xcode, which is Apple’s native environment. It includes the essential package of tools, frameworks, and compilers. The key stages are research and planning, designing, developing, testing, release, and support.

Cost estimates vary depending on the level of project sophistication, deadlines, and the hourly rates of the team. On average, a product with simple features may cost between $5,000 and $10,000 to build, while enterprise-level projects cost at least $50,000. The most elaborate projects require $250,000 or more.

Developers who work on the entire stack create both of the interconnected components forming an application. These are the client, or front-end, dimension (elements visible to the user) and the server, or back-end, side (systems that collect, store, and protect data behind the scenes).

Different projects require different frameworks depending on the functions, reach, budget, and other considerations. The most popular choices allow companies to engage a wider audience across two or more platforms using the same codebase. These are React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin.

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You can keep searching, but you are not going to find a design company that makes a better fit than us! Whether you only need help with some small app modifications, or if you need a complete digital presence haul, you can count on us to help you achieve your professional goals. Collectively, our employees have decades of experience. However, even though we offer the highest quality services, we will not charge you the highest prices.

And, our prices include SEO expertise and quality customer service for free. AppKong has great skills, your team will be available, and the price you pay at the end will be affordable. So, what do you have to lose? Contact us today to speak with an AppKong member about what we can do for you and your goals.

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