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Cryptocurrency is the latest craze, and the majority of people find out about new coins on the internet. Therefore, if you are running a business in the industry, it is pertinent for you to have an online space for your potential customers to visit and learn about you. The following article will walk you through how to create a crypto website as efficiently and effectively as possible with the help of AppKong.

Create Your Cryptocurrency Website

Creating a crypto site is one of the most difficult types of sites to create. This is for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is a new type of site niche. Therefore, there are not a lot of blueprints out there for doing it well. The process requires a decent amount of trial and error. 


Another reason this task is difficult is that the concept of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, in general, is still very new to many people. Before you can sell your services and goods to users, you first face the task of educating users about how the product works. Whether you are selling coins, information about them, training tutorials, or something else in the space, you need to have a blockchain and coin education space on your site. This will require excellent visuals and high-quality written content. 


Lastly, this type of site is one of the more challenging ones to create due to the high-security concerns that many of your users will have. Especially if you are selling a coin and not just information about coins or trading. It is of utmost importance that your site users are protected from having their information or money stolen. After all, many of them have hundreds, thousands, or even millions at stake. 


You have two options when it comes to crypto exchange website development. You can choose to do it yourself, or you can retain the helpful hands of professionals like us. 

Why Us?

There are a plethora of reasons that you should choose AppKong for your site construction. First and foremost, we are based in the USA, which is one of the top development locations in the world. Our employees have some of the best experience and development skills that exist on the planet. 


We can provide you with the highest quality work for some of the most reasonable prices around. And AppKong believes that all sizes and stages of business deserve custom web work. So, we provide all of our customers with flexible plans that work for their budgets. 


If you want to obtain the site of your dreams without having to learn the skills or dedicate the resources to creating it yourself, let us help! 

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What Makes Cryptocurrency Websites Successful?

The world of crypto is pretty new, and it has yet to be proven what definitely works versus what doesn’t in developing sites for it. However, there are a few things we know for sure are required when creating the best crypto website possible. Above, we mentioned that it is crucial for these sites to teach users about the universe itself. And that they have top-tier security protecting peoples’ information and funds. Additionally, though, these websites should contain the following to be as successful as possible:


  • Attention to SEO; 
  • The latest and greatest technology; 
  • Whitepapers, images, and videos that explain your services and/or coins; 
  • Fast loading times; 
  • Reliable contact information; 
  • A secure trading platform; 
  • The necessary legal documents; 
  • An FAQ section; 
  • Regularly-updated written content; 
  • And more!


There are lots of sites out there, such as Squarespace, that make it easy for a person with zero experience in site development to create an online space for their product or service. However, these options oftentimes do not provide you with all of the tools that you actually need to make your website great. For example, crypto trading sites need to have a ton of processing power behind them because of the high-volume work they will be supporting. And they need to have banking transaction support systems that generic website templates will not contain. 


Therefore, one of the last things you need to truly make your crypto website successful is the help of experienced programmers. Programmers know all of the tips and tricks for getting people to visit and they stay on your site for long periods of time. This directly translates into increasing your bottom line. 

Have you heard the phrase full-cycle turnkey development before? The term means that the company you retain to do your site development work will, after being assigned to your project, hand you back a completely finished project. The word “turnkey” is borrowed from the idea of buying a house that is ready to move into with the turn of a key. AppKong provides this option for clients who need the perfect site but do not have the time to be super involved in the process of creating it.

AppKong has a dedicated and diverse team of nerdy individuals that would love nothing more than to create your dream cryptocurrency site for you. Some of our employees have been working in the world of site construction since the internet was invented in the 80s. To balance them out, some of our employees have also recently just graduated from their schooling and know the latest and greatest development techniques, platforms, and languages. 


AppKong’s wide range of professionals creates the ultimate dream team. Our full and part-time employees are timely and reliable. When they are given tasks, they will complete them perfectly and on schedule. 


Our dedicated team works well together and converses in English and other languages, allowing us to serve a wide range of countries. Whenever you want to speak to someone working on your project, you can reach back and get a response quickly in your native language.

There is no one-size-fits-all project planning approach when it comes to crypto exchange website development. Unique clients all deserve unique approaches to putting together their dream site. However, there are a few steps in the process that remain the same for everyone, including the following: 


  • Scheduling an initial meeting for us to learn about the customers’ wants, needs, and expectations; 
  • Providing our customers with timelines and budget quotes; 
  • Assembling a team of developers with the skills needed for the particular project; and
  • Providing our clients with status updates throughout the development process. 


We enable our clients to be as involved or uninvolved in the planning process as they would like to be. Some of our clients want to help out or provide guidance where they can to make sure that their site matches their vision. Others don’t want to speak to us until the first draft of their project is done. 

As briefly mentioned above, some of our employees have only recently graduated from their development schooling and therefore have been professionally trained in the latest processes that the tech field has to offer. Additionally, all of our employees regularly receive continued education training to make sure that when a language gets a new update, or a new helpful tool gets released, they know how to use it efficiently and correctly.


AppKong understands that out-of-date software will slow down your website or even cause it to stop working altogether. Furthermore, it does not offer as many benefits as newer versions or novel development tools do. And we know that the technology world moves at the speed of, well, the internet! Therefore, we make sure that we employ only the most modern standards and approaches when creating your online cryptocurrency presence.

SEO, standing for search engine optimization, is a technique that all website developers need to be well-versed in if they want to develop a top-notch site. Search engines such as Google and Bing keep the secret of how to perfectly optimize a site under lock and key. And they all use different algorithms to determine which sites rank the highest in their results. 


Engines have, however, released a few tips and tricks. Some of the following factors that can improve site rankings include: 


  • Getting a lot of daily visits to your site; 
  • Increasing the number of clicks your site gets; 
  • Drawing out the length of time people stay on your site; 
  • Having quality, relevant content without typos on your site; 
  • Having images and videos on your site; and
  • Updating your site’s content regularly. 


AppKong’s employees are SEO experts and can help your site rank as high as possible. 


Proven Experience in Web Development

Most professional crypto exchange website development companies that are advertising their services on the web today are brand new and have retained employees that have little to no work experience. AppKong prides itself in having employees with long resumes that boast some of the best work experience around. Not only have our employees completed a laundry list of projects, but those projects have proven successful. 


Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our references and customer reviews. Our five-star feedback proves our experience in the realm of development. And the work our employees have done has been for a wide range of customers. Therefore, we have in-depth knowledge of what different industry sites need to succeed. 


Fortunately for you, one of these industries is that of cryptocurrency! Our employees have proven experience in working on sites for companies that exist in the realm of blockchain. 


A crypto site is usually a trading or informational platform, which provides visitors with information about the current cryptocurrency exchange rates, news, trading options, etc. Typically, these are full-fledged crypto exchanges, trading platforms, and news or analytical sites with precise data and forecasts.

If you intend to create a crypto site with news and analytics, the development process is the same as for any other project and involves all the stages from planning to testing. For the launch of the trading or exchange platform, more legal paperwork should be done to introduce various payment systems and ensure a high level of security.

Development of the crypto website brings the possibility to earn money on commissions from the crypto exchange, or public advertising. Today, more and more people switch from traditional investment methods and take advantage of the dynamically-growing crypto segment.

Crypto site development involves careful planning, prototyping, development, designing, filling it with the appropriate content, testing, and integrating the popular payment methods. All these stages require the involvement of profile specialists, while the overall process takes from 3 months.

The exact crypto site cost depends on the project. Usually, it starts from $10,000 and can increase depending on the complexity and specialization of professionals involved in the process. Besides, the hourly rate of developers in different regions of the world may significantly vary.

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Try Our Team in Action for Your Crypto Website

Sold on the fact that you want to retain professional services to assist you in the development of an online website for your crypto company? Look no further than AppKong. Our proven experience, knowledgeable employees, excellent customer service, and flexible pricing packages will be sure to impress you. And in addition to hooking you up with a great website, we can create you an excellent app to match! 


Regardless of whether you need a brand new site from scratch or updates on an existing site, we can help you out. And we work with all sizes and stages of businesses. You do not need to be as popular as Amazon in order to afford top-tier custom webwork. 


While having professionals develop your site requires an initial investment, it will end up paying for itself. Having a great website will increase the number of users who engage with your site, and ultimately end up purchasing from your business. 

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to our team today for a quote on your dream website. Our team members will be honored to hear from you. 

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