Customers are becoming more oriented to online shopping. Boost your sales revenue by investing in responsive web design services for your website. Let your target market find you with whatever devices they use.








Responsive Web Design Solutions for All Needs

Experience in web design

AppKong’s pros have decades of accumulated experience and have successfully served over 100 clients. That makes them suited to deliver on responsive design projects. It’s actually standard for AppKong’s projects to be responsive to all screen sizes and devices out of the gate. We do that by producing on a clean code base, which customers appreciate as it’s faster and affordable development-wise. We have worked with startups and experienced corporate clients alike.

Flexible model

Get a flexible website up and running with a flexible development model. We offer everything between idea development through the final production and ongoing maintenance. Pick and choose between various service tiers, from UI design to development with content and SEO optimization. The team’s ultimate goal is to offer a turnkey solution that users can start using from day one without further coding or testing.

Custom solutions

Opt for custom solutions to have a site built to each specific wish and request. It will not simply be based on a template. But it can be highly customized to match the brand guidelines and products. Professional designers can tailor the layout, colors, and font. Choose from our affordable pricing packages or build a custom service by selecting the services required for the build. We are a one-stop-shop, developing mobile web apps as well.

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How Responsive Web Design Helps to Grow Businesses

A flexible website is a practice in online development that focuses on creating a site that will adapt to the user’s screen. The site remains flexible and will display the most optimum layout matching the device. For instance, if the page is being viewed on a desktop, it will offer a full-page menu. If the user switches to their mobile device, the site may display a constricted menu with drop-down navigation to fit the functional viewing area. The font, images, and other elements are resized as well. 

A responsive site design means that businesses can stay competitive and grow. That’s because it offers the following advantages:

  • Fast loading pages: Responsive site design is fast. It consequently reduces the bounce rate, meaning that fewer users will abandon the page without an interaction. Google gives precedence to a faster site on the search results when it has the same content as competitors.
  • Better analytics for more actionable insights: It is easier to amass user activity data on a single responsive website. Admins can easily view how users interact with the pages and allow them to make better actionable decisions. 
  • Higher conversion rates for more business: Improving the user experience on pages will directly correlate to improved conversion rates. Visitors will spend more time interacting with the company’s content. They will be less likely to leave due to negative experiences. 
  • Reduce development costs: Save big by having a site developed to be responsive across mobile and desktop devices. Put the savings to better use, such as improving other aspects of the business.
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Alex White, USA

“AppKong delivered the project on time, meeting the client's requirements. The team communicated via Slack and used YouTrack for task management. The client was happy that they found AppKong team, which helped them turn their vision into reality.”

Julia Kovalenko, Ukraine
“Harmony Dental Clinic”

“The company appreciates the contributions that the AppKong team made to the project as they did not have the resources or the knowledge to do it by themselves. The team's development process was organized in a way that even people who weren't familiar with it were comfortable going through it.”

Evgeniy Shafirov, Ukraine
“3BCafe Group”

“AppKong promptly delivered the website with quality and intuitive design, which satisfied the client. The team provided project reports regularly and quickly addressed all the client's disputes, questions, and concerns. Overall, their remarkable assets were professionalism, speed, support.”

Serhii Volokonskyi, USA

“AppKong successfully delivered the web solution on time, meeting the client's expectations. Professional and reliable, they communicated effectively and regularly provided reports and updates throughout the engagement. Their transparency and client-centric approach were the team's highlights.”


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