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The client’s task was to create a website with several landing pages, a blog, and the possibility to subscribe to newsletters.

Landing pages should:

  • contain up-to-date information according to the provided terms of reference
  • provide the possibility to edit this information from the admin panel
  • possibility of API integration


For the site, the detailed ToR were developed together with SEO specialists for all stages of development.

Thus, the website concept has been developed. We have collected all the data about what functions and what information should be on landing pages, and the features that a site should have.


The design was developed in the Figma program.

The design was created from mockups and according to the ToR. The design of all landing pages, blog, and other elements have been approved by the client.

We have created more than 5 templates of webpages, including website and blog pages.



We have developed an adaptive layout using:

  • Javascript.


The client has had specific criteria that have been taken into account while preparing the terms of reference, namely:

  • SEO-friendly site
  • the convenience of work for non-dev employees
  • the possibility of API integration
  • regular updating
  • blog integration on the site

We have proposed the most optimal solution, which is the creation of a site based on WordPress. This CMS meets the criteria and is convenient to use for regular people with no coding knowledge.

Based on the layout for WP, a new theme has been created. The topic was created with the help of such programming languages and tools as:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JS

The possibility of subscribing to the newsletter is enabled for the users of the site.



The client has received a website that fully fulfills the tasks set in the ToR.

The created full-fledged blog, as well as landing pages, will generate a profit for the client.


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