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To create a B2B website in the legal industry vertical. The website's focus – providing legal services and banking operations support in different countries.

Some of the services include:

  • Registration of legal entities and assistance in support
  • Business restructuring and tax planning
  • Connecting customers with leading foreign banks around the world
  • Licensing and consulting on various business models

The website must adapt to any device. Integrate a feature of automatic content updates (from google sheets) into the website.


  • Discussion of scope of work, which included all the tasks and specifications related to website development.
  • Design layout (the client had a ready-made design)
  • The website was developed on WordPress CMS.
  • Integration of application processing plugins
  • Integration of means of communication with clients on the site
  • Inhouse development of own plugin for Google sheets integration


The development process was split into the following stages:

  • Layout;
  • Google sheets integration plugin development;
  • Site backend development on WordPress CMS;
  • QA;


  • HTML
  • SCSS-> CSS
  • JS (custom)
  • Sliders Swiper.js


Since information about services changes quite often and it must be updated on the website as quickly as possible, it was necessary to find the most appropriate solution. To execute automatic content updating and publishing, thorough research and due diligence were conducted on existing WP plugins. Since none of the plugins met all the criteria, a decision was made to develop our custom plugin from scratch.

The plugin was built using:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JS

The main functionality of the website is updating and publication of content using the online service google sheets.

Proper information integration into the website from the backend was necessary, so one more plugin was built for custom fields. An ACF plugin analog with a simplified functionality was developed which allowed us to achieve the needed result.



Сlient had several SOW criteria requirements, namely:

  • SEO friendly site;
  • User-friendly CMS so that people who do not know programming could conveniently work with the site;
  • Integration of Google Sheets .
  • Continuous updating
  • Ease of further website development and scaling up when the project grows
  • bBlog integration within the website

We have offered the most optimal solution, building a website on WordPress CMS since it meets the specified criteria and provides ease of use for ordinary people.

A new theme has been created based on the WP layout. The theme was created using such programming languages ​​and tools as:

  • PHP;
  • MySQL;
  • JS;


Developed business website fully reflects the range of services and easily allows LegalBison’s clients to communicate with its staff. The site always contains up-to-date information, as it is auto updated through integration with Google Sheets.


LegalBison is a licensed registrar of companies worldwide. Support for clients looking for international tax planning, various licensing procedures, other consulting, business plan writing, auditing and legal services.

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