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The client has been required to create a service for a content spin which will be based on the templates.

The service must be able to:

  • receive a text from CSV template
  • set the uniqueness parameter
  • generate a given number of texts
  • send text preparation via API


Detailed technical specifications were developed for all stages of development for the service.

The concept of the service operation algorithm has been developed.

A content spin algorithm has been created.


Since the service was not intended for mass use, and the interface design is of secondary importance, it was decided to buy a ready-made HTML template on the ThemeForest service.



Because the work was done on a ready-made template, the layout was done only for specific elements. All other layout related tasks were covered by the template.



First, we calculated the expected load on the server, the future service. Based on this calculation, a server was selected.

The backend was developed using the following languages

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JS

The site was created on the Laravel framework. This framework was chosen because it has libraries that make the following tasks easier to work on:

  • authorization setting
  • document parsing
  • API setting

At the backend stage, we developed 5 different versions of the service, until we achieved the desired content uniqueness and the minimum load on the server. At the development stage, possible use cases were taken into account and we left some room for future improvements.

After writing the spin scripts, we set up the API to transfer the work results of the service.



The client received a high quality service that performs the required tasks and transfers the finished solution via the API.

Text API web spiner

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