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There was an idea of creating a service that would monitor websites. This service’s functionality should be:

  • generate/send server response code
  • show SSL certificate
  • send alerts if the site is down
  • track and capture any content changes
  • as well as many other site parameters (IP, index etc.)

The following scope of work had to be done:

  • create a modern and light design of service pages
  • design an adaptive cross-browser layout
  • create a Backend service


A detailed Technical Specification and SOW was developed for all stages of development of the service. Also, the concept of the service operation algorithm has been developed. The structure of the service and the main landing pages have been worked out as well.


The design for the website was created in Figma.

The project's specifications were taken into account before the development process.

More than 10-page templates were created including site and service pages, as well as an administrative portion.

Graphic illustrations and animation have been created and developed for the interactivity of the service pages.



Developed an adaptive layout, using:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS (custom)


To begin with, we calculated the expected load on the server for the future service. Based on this, a proper server was selected to handle the load.

The Backend part has been developed using the following languages:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • js
  • Node.js

The site was designed on the Laravel framework, which greatly simplified the job, and also set the standard for work, in which it is not difficult to select specialists for future improvements.



The client received a well drawn and laid-out modern design. The backend has been successfully developed and performs all the functions assigned. The service is fully functional and is getting ready to be offered for a mass market.


Check uptime and main changes instantly!

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