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The task of the client is to create a plugin that can parse information from the specified sites.

The plugin should be able to:

  • get data from websites
  • get data via API
  • generate texts with data substitution
  • publish texts
  • update publication dates
  • parse texts and API spreadsheet every day using Cron job
  • create its own templates for text generation


A detailed technical specification was developed for all stages of the plugin development.

Next, we’ve developed the concept of the plugin. We’ve collected all data about the client's site for compatibility settings.


Since the service is not intended for mass use and the interface design is of secondary importance, it was decided to design it without the help of a designer.



The layout was made for functional elements based on the tasks of the plugin.



To begin with, we have determined the structure and functionality of the future plugin.

The backend was developed using the following languages:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JS

Based on the tasks of the parser, we picked up a PHP library - Simple HTML DOM. This library has simplified the following tasks:

  • connection to third-party resources
  • getting data from these resources
  • work with received data

In the first stage, we developed a parser and tested its performance.

The next step was to set up an empty WordPress and continue development there.

After that, we added the parser into the plugin environment and continued to refine the functions of interaction with WordPress and the API.

After implementing all the functions provided in the task, we tested the plugin on the client's test site. We also worked out compatibility issues and made a release on the client's live site.



The client received a plugin that performs the tasks. It parses information on the necessary resources and saves information on the client's website, always up to date.

It is fully compatible with the client's site with a possibility for an upgrade.

Wordpress parser plugin

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