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Most people have seen the words Lorem ipsum before but have not given much thought to what they mean or why they are used. Typically, people will see these words followed by Lorem ipsum paragraphs of other foreign and seemingly meaningless text. It actually has a fascinating history, though, and has been useful for hundreds of years now.

The instant article will walk you through everything you need to know about the text, Lorem ipsum, and how you can use AppKong’s generator to maximize the opportunities that the text presents you with. It will also provide you with examples of not just Lorem ipsum in English but in other foreign languages as well. The article also includes a list of frequently asked questions and their answers for your convenience. If you are looking to learn more about the dummy text and how you can easily use the AppKong Lorem ipsum generator online, read on.

What is Lorem ipsum?

Lorem ipsum is also sometimes referred to as lipsum for short, Lorem-ipsum hyphenated, or is mistakenly referred to as Ipsum lorem. You can tell by the look and sound of the phrase that it is of Latin descent. However, many assume that it is mere gibberish. But what does the title Lorem ipsum mean? It is actually derived from the Latin term “dolorem ipsum.” The Lorem ipsum meaning in Latin is roughly translated to “pain itself.” Of course, this grim Lorem ipsum translation is no indication of what the term and its text are actually used for.

The text is used as placeholders in documents to show audiences what something would look like visually with the content they actually want there. For example, marketing professionals can use it to show what an advertisement would look like visually without having to come up with clever slogans. Or, font designers can use it to show readers what their letters look like without actually having to come up with something to type.

Though “nothing” is what the text conveys today, Lorem ipsum was not created out of nothing. It is actually a scrambled version of De finibus bonorum et malorum, a text written by the Roman statesman Cicero in the first century. There is debate about when the placeholder was created, but scholars agree that it has been in use for hundreds of years. Miraculously, the text survived the transition from physically written language to typewriters and now digital print.

How to Use the Lorem ipsum Generator

Because this text is not gibberish, there is actually a correct way to “write” it. Of course, no one actually speaks Lorem ipsum. It would be a waste of their time to learn, as today, there are software programs dedicated to generating as much text as you need correctly. AppKong runs one of these online lorem ipsum generators, and it is incredibly easy to use. Just follow the steps below.

First, navigate to the Lorem ipsum html in your computer search bar. Next, choose whether you would like to generate sentences, paragraphs, or words. Then, type in how many units of your chosen format you would like for the program to generate. In this Lorem ipsum example, we will be generating three sentences. Lastly, hit the generate button. The white box below where you type in the information will provide you with clean and original Lorem ipsum text that you can copy and paste into your document. The text will look something like this:

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit. At scelerisque cursus sagittis imperdiet orci turpis augue felis rhoncus malesuada tellus. Uuisque ut magna eu ut sed vitae ipsum nunc consequat vulputate lorem ipsum dolorlink in biosit amet.”

Not all of the above words are meaningless. Magna, for example, is Latin for great. But the lorem ipsum generator makes it so that the text does not mean anything once it is sewn together.

Lorem ipsum Generator for Web Designers

One of the most popular uses of AppKong’s lorem ipsum character generator is for web designers who want to create aesthetic sites without wasting time coming up with actual fake text for the sites. AppKong’s services allow web designers to create entire site concepts that look whatever they want. Then, to show what they would actually look like when customized for a certain business, they can insert a ton of lorem ipsum text to fill in the blank space where meaningful words will go in the future.

Some web designers may want to use a funny Lorem ipsum generator to add some personality to their design. AppKong’s services are for professional use. However, there are comedic varieties out there, as generator designers have gotten creative over the years. One of the best Lorem ipsum generators that is not serious is the Cupcake Lorem ipsum full text. As the name suggests, it uses sugary sweet words in addition to Latin to hold word places. It reads as follows.

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet cotton candy. Cupcake cotton candy ice cream gummi bears candy canes cotton candy sweet roll tart. Shortbread cupcake gingerbread cupcake jelly-o pastry jelly. Dessert oat cake jujubes toffee dessert. Biscuit brownie dragée oat cake sweet roll I love I love. I love halvah bonbon I love cake chocolate pudding biscuit.

Yum! This option would be great, especially for a light-hearted design that was made to target businesses like candy stores or bakeries. It is definitely worth searching “Lorem ipsum word generator + [a specific line of business]” to see if there is a version that will perfectly suit whatever design you are creating.

WordPress Lorem ipsum Plugins

What is a lorem ipsum plugin? It is a piece of software that you can “plug in” or “drop” into your site. In this case, your WordPress site. It is pre-developed for ease of use. They are great in this context because instead of having to go to an outside third party to generate Lorem ipsum, the plugin will do it for you.

here are pros and cons to going this route. First, there are several different types of plugins for Lorem ipsum on Wiki and WordPress websites, and some are definitely better than others. Free ones may be finicky though and sometimes have tech glitches. Additionally, not all of the plugins out there will let you get as specific about what you would like the typeface to show. For example, some third-party services let you get really nitty-gritty, allowing you to choose the number of characters for the Lorem ipsum generator to make. Many plugin options will just fill whatever blank space you give it.

Plugins will end up saving you time and annoying copying and pasting though. Plus, if you change your design on WordPress, you will not have to go and generate new text to fill it. The plugin Ipsum lorem generator will automatically adapt to your new design. You will have to do your own cost-benefit analysis to see which route suits your needs better.

Lorem ipsum Generator in Different Languages

Depending on the language that web designers intend to be used on their designs, there are actually other variations of this text that can look more like a non-English typeface. For example, there is a Spanish Lorem ipsum that uses a scrambled text version of the famous text Don Quixote. There are also Deutsch, Hebrew, Russian, and Arabic Lorem ipsum generators out there. This is helpful, as these languages all hold very different aesthetics. For example, Lorem ipsum Arabic looks like the following: ض التقليدي الى في, حالية ضمنها الأوضاع هذا ما. بل ترتيب عرفها الأثنان لكل, مما لم مشارف للمجهود الأثناء،. وتم أم

Obviously, if this was the type of text that would be added to a mock site, the audience would not get a good idea of what it would look like online if the placeholder text used was created in a Lorem ipsum English generator. The same goes for Russian and Hebrew Lorem ipsum, pictured below.

Ipsum lorem Russian sample: Лорем ипсум долор сит амет, яуот тациматес ет мел. Алияуид волуптуа репудиандае цу сеа, вел еу вениам фацете сигниферумяуе, фастидии легендос сед ан. Lorem ipsum Hebrew:

ב בקלות ומהימנה פילוסופיה אנא. בה בקר יסוד אווירונאוטיקה. עזה את שתפו העריכהגירסאות תנך אם לראות קלאסיים. בדף אם דרכה בידור החופשית, אל בגרסה תקשורת אינטרנט בקר.

Right now, AppKong’s free generator allows you to produce whatever Lorem ipsum length you want, but in the English-looking traditional language. If you want to produce different languages, then reach out to AppKong on its website, via phone, or email. The customer representatives will walk you through everything you need to know.

Now that you have learned everything from Lorem ipsum’s meaning in English to how you can generate it for your own projects, you should be set to go ahead and start using it! AppKong is a super easy and efficient software to use for all levels of web developers and creative designers. So, what are you waiting for? Head to AppKong’s site today and start producing the filler text you need!


Does “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” mean anything?

Yes, it is a part of the original text passage that, in full, means “Nor is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain.”

Why is Lorem ipsum used?

Apart from making the jobs of creative designers easier and saving them from having to come up with original new text, Lorem ipsum text copy also stops the issue of words distracting audiences from the design that developers are trying to showcase.

What is Ipsum lorem text?

Ipsum lorem does not mean anything more than Lorem ipsum—the words are just switched. Because the words already are jumbled and corrupted, saying it like this is not technically wrong. It is just not the formal Lorem ipsum name.

Is there a way to generate Lorem ipsum in Word?

Shockingly, yes! A secret tip that not many people know about is that if you type =lorem() into word and then hit enter, Word will automatically generate Lorem ipsum characters for you, saving you from having to navigate to a third party to find text.

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